An Early Christmas Present?


It was the week before Thanksgiving and my cell phone bill was posted to my account. I was sure I was seeing double. Or triple! My normal $80 bill was over…..$3,000!!!! What the what!? Time to get into my account and go all detective.

I quickly discovered two Iphone 7’s and two new lines added to my account. Interesting since I’m an android user. I also found it pretty interesting that someone thought I would never notice. But I’m pretty astute about a $2,920 increase in my monthly bill. On hold for an hour, I finally got in touch with a live person. Seems the phones were delivered to an address way south of me. Georgia, to be exact. And while we were on the phone two more phones and two more new lines popped up. Boy, they were reproducing as fast as rabbits!

Finally the service rep tells me that all four phones are now bricks and everything is all taken care of. I hope Georgia has a need for bricks. Maybe for a jail cell?

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