It’s Spring!

It’s been a good week. A challenging week. An interesting week. Did you know that drinking a lot of cinnamon tea can lower your blood sugar? Found that one out the hard way. Did you know that “clean eating” tastes incredible and helps you lose weight? It also causes you to miss sugar. At least for a little while. Hahaha.

And did you know that it’s spring in Michigan? Beautiful, incredible Michigan. I look out my living room window and I see my purple lilacs are in bloom, as is my flowering crab and the wild grape hyacinths. My dogwood tree is just starting to bloom. Check these out!

Beautiful, aren’t they? Sometimes I’m amazed to live among such beauty. God is surely the Master Gardener!

And though there is rain coming, and lots of it I hear, I will enjoy spring in Michigan and I will continue to share it with all of you who follow me here.

And because spring makes me happy and causes me to feel excitement, I want to share some of that with you. One person will win the book The Heart-Shaped Life Daily Devotional simply by following me here and telling me what you enjoy about spring. The winner will be announced on my writer Facebook page on Friday, May 5. This is open to everyone so feel free to share with your friends! (Residents of the United States only)

The Heart-Shaped Life20170428_152442-1

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2 Responses to It’s Spring!

  1. Heather Kaman says:

    I LOVE spring! Watching the life move back into everything, all the green int he trees and beautiful flowers!

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  2. joyofreadingweb says:

    I’ve discovered that winter in Michigan has given me a fresh new appreciation for spring. Spring has alway been my favorite season. Growing up in the south, spring came sooner. But nothing can compare to a Michigan spring!

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