Bucket Lists and Summer Reading


The world is full of wonderful books! Before the summer gets away from us, I decided to put together a short bucket list of some of the books I still want to read. See if any of these sound good to you, too!

Sweetbriar Cottage by Denise Hunter

Beneath the Blackberry Moon; the entire series by April Gardner

Coming to Rosemont by Barbara Hinske

Hearts of Lancaster Grand Hotel; the entire series by Amy Clipston

Such an assortment! Why these books???

I love the cover of Sweetbriar Cottage. I admit that sometimes that’s enough to make me want to at least give a book a try. In this case, Denise Hunter is a great author and who doesn’t like stories of second chances??

Why Beneath the Blackberry Moon? I’ve started this series, and in the course of reading and reviewing if for April, she’s become a friend. A wonderful author who writes native American books that are really good!!

Coming to Rosemont is written by best-selling novelist Barbara Hinske. I keep hearing so much about the entire series that I have to give it a try!

And I can’t leave out my friend Amy Clipston! I’ve read so many of her wonderful books, but not the Hearts of Lancaster Grand Hotel series. I’m telling you, if you’ve never read this author’s works and you like Amish fiction, she is a must read!

I hope this gives you some books to consider. Or maybe it will spur you to make your own reading bucket list. Share it here with us!

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5 Responses to Bucket Lists and Summer Reading

  1. Vicky!! Thank you SO much for the mention! (For anyone interested, The Red Feather just dropped to $.99 on Kindle. 🙂 I’m so enjoyed getting to know you. God has truly blessed me with friends all over the world!
    Next on my TBR pile is “Brentwood’s Ward” by Michelle Griep. I KNOW it’s going to be fabulous. Because everything Michelle writes is!


  2. B Hriv says:

    What a GREAT bucket list! I’m sure you’ll thoroughly enjoy April Gardner’s books! It’s a great series! I’m looking forward to so many! A few on my immediate list are Heart of a Prince by Carol Moncado, A Name Unknown by Roseanna White, and Just the Way You Are by Pepper Basham. Now if I could only make time to devour them! 🙂 Happy Reading!


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