Autumn in Michigan


It’s the most wonderful time of the year in Michigan. The time of year when the air is crisp, the sky is a bright blue, and the trees are displaying vivid colors. From the UP to the southern border, all of Michigan is putting on a show!

Take a walk at dusk. Night hasn’t yet fallen. The breeze has quieted. It feels as if all nature is hushed, waiting for something. Walking along, the leaves crunch under foot as lights go on inside the homes along the way. Kids are in for the evening and families are sitting down to dinner. It’s a magical time of day.


FB_IMG_1506773940777Drive a winding back road. Maybe with gentle hills. The trees are hugging the edge of the road, and if you look carefully you may see deer cautiously walking through the woods.

Even the waters of the Great Lakes, with their incredible light houses, look different this time of year. The sun lights them up with bright flashes of diamonds. The color is deeper. And thFB_IMG_1506773951799e sunsets are beyond description!






Wherever you choose to go in this great state, take the time to stop and enjoy the display that is going on. You’ll be glad you did! And who knows. You may just find a phone booth in the middle of nowhere.



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2 Responses to Autumn in Michigan

  1. So gorgeous! I’ve been there in the fall. So much prettier than South Texas. 🙂


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