Winter Hamster!

Today I felt like the proverbial hamster on the wheel. Except I was on the dreadmill. Err, treadmill. Because, you see, exercise in Michigan is a whole different ballgame. (That’s a different article when spring arrives.)

It’s wonderful to be outside when walking. Smelling the fresh air and flowers. Enjoying the blue sky and sunshine. Ah, but wait. Its winter, so the air is fresh enough to freeze your nostrils closed. Fresh enough to form icicles on your eyelashes and burn your lungs. Therefore, like many Michiganders, I am exercising inside.

As I put one foot in front of the other on the belt of the treadmill I reminisce of walking outside. Of walking paths lined with fully-leaved trees. Up and down hill. Lots of variety. Definitely not my basement.

Okay, change the grade on the treadmill and pretend I’m walking up the hill to the beautiful metal bridge on the walking trail. It winds and slopes, giving me some extra work for the legs. I’m sure this will help me to appreciate the treadmill. Yeah. No. So while I’m inside I listen to music. I play games on my phone. I read books. And time goes by, one step at a time.

And time does go by. Weren’t my children little just yesterday? Today my grandchildren are little. And a couple of them aren’t even that any longer.

Yes, time goes by. One step at a time. The young man I married is now planning on retiring in less than two years. And I know that time will go so fast it will feel as if I’m running on my treadmill.

One step at a time. Life goes by. Or does it go on? If you simply sit and view it, life goes by. Probably slower than it does for those who are involved in life, and for whom life goes on.

I sure digressed. Back to the treadmill. Some days I plod. Other days I move along quickly. Whichever day it is, I’m up. I’m moving. I’m lapping those who are sitting on the couch, waiting for spring. So I’ll continue putting one foot in front of the other, dreaming of the day when I get to move outside. Because Michigan, in the spring, is incredible. Blue sky and sunshine. Great lakes beckoning. And many places to walk.


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5 Responses to Winter Hamster!

  1. janellwoj says:

    You just described my winter recreation and the park across the street here in Minnesota, and my family! We must have been separated at birth. Great blog!


  2. joyofreadingweb says:

    I laughed outloud and had to read the beginning part to my husband who gave me the quizzical eye at my laughter. I can completely identify with the bone-chilling, nostrils frozen shut Michigan winter! I can’t recall how far way you live from St. Joseph, Michigan. Maybe come spring we’ll have to schedule a meet-up, just for fun!!
    Keep warm my friend!!


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