To everything, there is a season. The Byrds sang about it in 1965. Solomon wrote about it in Ecclesiastes 3. Michigan is proclaiming it. Life is about seasons.

How do you feel about seasons? About change? Do you fight it? Do you embrace it? Or maybe you’re somewhere in between. Personally, I love healthy change. It’s the only way to bring growth. I was thinking about this as I looked at my flower bed last night. Some of the plants are dying and I’ll pull them out this week. Some are still flowering and look gorgeous. I even have a spring flowering plant that has decided it’s time to flower again. (Silly thing.) But as I held some tulip bulbs in my hand I found myself pondering seasons. I’m going to plant these seemingly dead bulbs into the ground. Over the winter they will be dormant in appearance. But under the ground magical things will happen. While they’re resting they will be gaining strength. They will even be multiplying and making more bulbs for me. And then in the spring they will erupt in splendid colors!

Isn’t that much like us? Sometimes we get planted somewhere and we can feel dead, spiritually, physically, and/or emotionally. But underground God is working miracles. While we’re resting we are gaining strength. We are multiplying. We are getting ready to surge from the dirt. And oh, my friend, it’s a glorious time. A time when God colors us beyond our expectations. I encourage you to embrace times of change. Embrace the times when you feel planted but dormant. Rest. Gain strength.

He makes all things beautiful in HIS time!




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