Okay, the time has come to get this off my chest. I’ve been stewing over this for awhile and enough is enough.

Typically I’ll write about Michigan. I LOVE my state, although I’ll admit I’m not happy about the lack of snow we’ve been experiencing. While I’m sure we’ll get some eventually, really Michigan? What happened to this?


But that’s not my dilemma for today. Here goes. I was given an electric pressure cooker for Christmas and I love it. (Think Insta Pot but a different brand.) Looking for some new and exciting recipes, I hit the internet. Found several that sound good. But have you looked at recipes on line lately??

Before you can find the recipe, you have to get through six pages of: How I accidentally came up with this recipe. What my family likes or doesn’t like about it. How Aunt Gertrude tripped over her dog and ended up in the hospital. The year that my three year old grandfather, who is now 75, knocked over the Christmas tree. It’s become family history time!

Seriously people. Who cares? Just give me the recipe so I can judge for myself if I need to change it. If my family will like it. I’m sorry about Aunt Gertrude and hope she’s okay, and I hope your grandfather was forgiven for knocking over the Christmas Tree. 72 years ago already!! Let it go! If I want family history I’ll go to Ancestry.com and get my own.

I’m ready to share a recipe of my own on Allrecipes and I’ll leave out the family story. I promise!!

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