Author Spotlight


I’m so excited to introduce you to my friend, Catie Cordero. Catie has released her new children’s book, just in time for Christmas!  The illustrations are beautiful, and you’re sure to love the story as you join Willow and Wendell Potter on a Christmas adventure to magical lands, where they will discover the real secret to Christmas magic.

Meet Catie and The Magic Snow Globe.

CatieI love Christmas.

I begin listening to Christmas music in July and set up my tree on the first of November. The atmosphere that surrounds the season makes me warm inside and puts a smile on my face. That’s why writing a children’s Christmas story appealed to me. I wanted to capture the beauty of the holiday in a book and share it.

When I sat down to write The Magic Snow Globe, I knew I wanted it to have a vintage feel like ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas. It’s a classic. That’s where the poetic cadence of my book was born. As I wrote the story, I pictured a twin brother and sister traveling to magical lands, places they never dreamed existed before. A Fairy Forest. A Factory Run by Toy Soldiers. And then, I wrote the last land. This one was real. It didn’t have the mystique like the other places. It seemed dull on the outside. A stable? How boring. And then, the twins entered the doorway and the animals spoke. Tears welled in my eyes. These animals were in awe of what had just happened in their little barn. “A cow mooed a welcome, and a pony whispered, “Neigh.” They came upon a manger, where a special baby lay. A sheep baaed, “This baby, will help everyone on earth. That’s why on this midnight, we’re celebrating his birth.” The twins stared speechless. They never expected to meet, a baby named Jesus. They humbly bowed at his feet.”

When those words hit the page of my computer screen, I wished I were there, kneeling by a manger, staring into the face of Jesus.

The culmination leading to this scene humbled me as an adult. The music, the lights, the trees, the decorations, they are all nice, but they can never outshine the splendor of the birth of Jesus. Nothing compares to Jesus’s great entrance into this world. An entrance that would change the course of humanity and make a way for us to be reconciled to God. What love. What tremendous love.

I truly hope that if anyone reads my little Christmas book that this is what they might take away: Let the magnificent love that compelled Christ to come in a lowly form as a baby, in a small stable, compel us to love others magnificently.




You can purchase The Magic Snow Globe at Baker Book House, the Word Shop at Resurrection Life Church, and online at Amazon.