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About the Book

Book:  Vengeance is Mine Saith Mi’Lord

Author: Tammy Kirby

Genre:  Inspirational Victorian Romance

Release Date: October 9, 2019


Forced into a peer’s realm. Devastated by the death of his beloved sister. With vengeance burning a hole in his heart, will a distraught brother see the damage he’s causing in time to prevent the worst mistake of his life?

Kidnapped for a crime she didn’t commit. Ostracized from society. Can a broken debutante find the peace she craves at Haven House, or must she face her monsters over a ballroom—again?

Captain Nick Rutherford vows revenge against the man who murdered his sister. When the coward escapes, Nick discovers a way to flush him out. Never mind that what he proposes goes against everything he believes in.

Lady Piper Connor faces society’s whispers with her head high. When Captain Rutherford, the new Marquess of Blackwell, forces her to spend the night in his townhouse, she wants to hide in shame—for a moment. Is it wrong to feel relief when one is cast out of society?

Squaring her shoulders, she steps into the morning wearing the same clothes she’d worn to a ball the previous evening. Let them stare.

Join these two hurting people as they walk through overwhelming obstacles to find forgiveness and each other.

God loves her unconditionally, and that is enough. If only a certain marquess didn’t plague her thoughts.

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About the Author

Tammy Kirby holds an associate degree in Registered Nursing, a cosmetology license, and the title of author. When she’s not helping heal the sick, or dabbling in color, you can find her at her computer, giving life to the characters clamoring inside her head to be set free.

In 2018 she released her debut novel, His Grace Forgiven, the first book in the Victorian Inspirational Romance series, Haven House. She developed a love for reading at a young age. Beauty and the Beast is her favorite fairytale, and I Love Lucy her favorite tv show from childhood. That being said, you’ll always find one of her characters having some of the same characteristics in Tammy’s works.

She uses her writing to show God’s love and forgiveness through characters from hundreds of years in the past, who face the same problems people face today. Taking broken heroes and heroines and showing them this truth is her mission.

Tammy lives with her husband, Roger in Northeast Louisiana, where she spends her free time doting on grandchildren, reading, crocheting, sewing and, of course, writing about how the Lord can take any sin, no matter how bad and turn it into a blessing to glorify Him. Her desire is for her writing to speak to her readers in a way that draws them closer to the One who loves them above all.

More from Tammy

When God placed the Haven House series on my heart and instructed me to put them on paper, I asked Him why me? He said because you’re not afraid to write what I tell you even if it’s uncomfortable. This entire series deals with forgiveness in some form or another. Can you forgive the unforgivable? What happens if you can’t?

As an avid reader, my favorite books are those I can apply to real life—my life. I will read almost any genre, but historical romance is my preference. My characters are flawed, even the Christian ones. In my writing I use them to show the world that God can fix anything we get ourselves into—if we ask.

Vengeance is Mine saith Mi’Lord is the third book in a series of five. One day I was sitting at my kitchen table working on the second book, when a handsome ship’s captain waltzed across the room. I knew then, Captain Rutherford would have his own story.

Because of hurtful circumstances, my hero, Nick acts completely out of character. Even though he doesn’t like himself for it, he can’t seem to stop the emotional carriage wreck he’s causing himself at the expense of my heroine, Piper. Throw in a cat named Satan whose alter-ego is Angel (according to my heroine), a cabin boy with a secret, a murder coverup, and you have all the makings for a fulfilling read.

I hope you enjoy Nick and Piper’s story. I certainly enjoyed bringing them to life for you.

Have you enjoyed learning more about Tammy and her book, Vengeance is Mine? Well, here’s a bit more from Tammy for you to enjoy.


Why did you decide to write fiction?

Because I love to read it!

Do you ever name your characters after people you know?

Yes. So far all of my grandchildren have or will have a place in my books. And I will use someone who’s made a poor impression as an evil villain once in a while in the beginning stages. Though that’s just a working name. I’ll change it before it goes to print, but it does help flesh out the bad guy on the way to completion.

Do real life stories get turned into fiction plots?


Have you ever read a book that made you cry?

Tilly by Frank Perretti and Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers

What is your favorite vacation spot?

Scotland!!! Especially the battlefield of Culloden. I can walk the now-empty field and feel such deep emotions that I just know I have ancestors who died there.

Thank you Tammy! It’s always fun to get a little more insight into our authors!

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About the Book

Book:  Escape to Vindor

Author: Emily Golus

Genre:  Young Adult Fantasy

Release Date: December 1, 2017

Vindor - High Res coverFor as long as she can remember, Megan Bradshaw has imagined herself as the heroine of Vindor, her own secret world populated with mermaids, centaurs, samurai, and more. When school pressures and an upcoming move make life unbearable, Megan wishes she could escape to Vindor for real.
And then she does. Megan finds herself trapped in Vindor, with flesh-and-blood versions of her imaginary characters. Dreaming about being a hero and actually fighting monsters are two very different things–especially when the Shadow, the frightening creature now tearing Vindor apart, is one Megan doesn’t remember putting there.
Megan, playing the part of her alter ego, Selena, embarks on a dangerous journey, accompanied by a know-it-all centaur and a goblin she’s not sure she can trust. Will the Shadow destroy her before she can find a way to save her world?
Click here for your copy.

About the Author

Emily Golus has been dreaming up fantasy worlds since before she could write her Emily Golusname. A New England transplant now living in the Deep South, she is fascinated by culture and the way it shapes how individuals see the world. Golus aims to create stories that engage, inspire, and reassure readers that the small choices of everyday life matter.

Her first novel, Escape to Vindor, debuted in 2017 and won the Selah Award for young adult fiction. Its sequel, Mists of Paracosmia, released in April 2019.

Golus lives in Upstate South Carolina with her woodworking husband, an awkward cat, and the world’s most talkative baby.


More from Emily

In Escape to Vindor, teen Megan Bradshaw spends nearly every quiet moment she has in a world of her own imagination. Writing this part of Megan’s story came naturally to me, because that was the way I spent my adolescence, too.

While other girls were thinking about—I don’t know what they were thinking about, actually. Boys, maybe?—I was creating epic melodramas about rival mermaid queens or magical rainforest civilizations. The world of my imagination filled my quiet life with vivid technicolor.

My stories also helped me survive. Worldbuilding was a welcome escape from my ever-growing list of fears.

See, I was the extra-good girl, the one who followed every rule to a T, always giving a hundred and ten percent. Few people suspected I did all of this not because I had a lot of drive and confidence, but because I thought I had to be extra-perfect in order to be loved—by people, and by God. I had a deep-seated terror of making one little mistake, losing my way, and being abandoned forever.

The world of Vindor started out as a private daydream, a way for me to work through my anxieties. But as I grew, I discovered something amazing—and the story took an unexpected turn.

I wrote Escape to Vindor for the dreamers, the bookworms, and anyone who enjoys dazzling new worlds. More importantly, I wrote it for the quiet ones who struggle without anyone knowing, who need to hear: You are seen, you are known, and you are loved.

I recently interviewed Emily about her writing and her books. I think you’ll enjoy meeting her! After you read this, hop over to the blog stops for your chance to win her giveaway!

So Emily, getting creative ideas isn’t always easy. How do you come up with your plots?

I mull over my storylines for a very long time before I write them down, so I don’t always remember where all my initial inspiration comes from. I often start with an unusual situation—what if you landed in another world, only you were the one who had created it? Then I figure out the main character and what she or he is desperate to accomplish.

Once I have the basic outline written down, I start to pick at all the parts that are too predictable. When I get to an unexciting plot point, I sometimes ask, “what’s the most impossible or unlikely thing to happen next?” Then I find a way to make it happen. Readers want to be surprised, and I want to keep them guessing!

Do you ever name your characters after people you know?

Not typically, since most of my fantasy character names are either invented, or pulled from mythology or literature. (I don’t know anyone named Nikterra or Resh or Moriana.) 

But my husband and I have decided if we have another son, we will give him the name Arden, after the hero of Vindor’s sequel. So I might name someone I know after one of my characters!

Well that would be great! What child wouldn’t like that?!

Do real life stories get turned into fiction plots?

I’m constantly listening for interesting stories in the news or from history (I read and listen to a lot of history). From time to time, some person or situation will really resonate with me, and I’ll play with the idea and eventually incorporate some element of that into a book. So … yes, but it a roundabout way. 

As for there being any autobiographical sections in my books—my main character, Megan, is a different personality than me, but there are a lot of details in her life that are drawn from my own childhood: her constant daydreaming, her family situation, even her mom’s job causing a cross-country move (though I moved from Connecticut to the South, not visa-versa). 

The reason for all of the overlap is because I changed my mind about Megan’s backstory pretty late in the writing process—like on my second or third draft. I didn’t want to start over on research, so I just borrowed from what I already knew, confident I could make it feel authentic.

Have you ever read a book that made you cry?

Yes, many books have made me cry! The best of them aren’t just tear-jerkers for the sake of being sad, but offer something beautiful and instructive in their sadness. The best example of this that comes to mind is Alan Paton’s famous Cry, the Beloved Country, a work about redemption and hope coming out of a senseless tragedy.  

Let’s get serious. What’s your favorite kind of ice cream?

My husband is very, very passionate about vanilla ice cream with no toppings on it (toppings ruin the pure vanilla flavor, he says), and I have actually come around to see his point of view. A good quality vanilla ice cream really is a delight. 

When Mike isn’t watching, though, I’ll order an ice cream flavor with cherries or raspberries in it.

Emily, thank you for visiting my blog today. I really enjoyed this time getting to know you.


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To celebrate her tour, Emily is giving away the grand prize package of signed copies of both Escape to Vindor and Mists of Paracosmia, an amethyst pendant, and a $25 Amazon gift card!!

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