A Search for Redemption by Jo Ann Brown

Bestselling author Jo Ann Brown returns to the Amish community of Bliss Valley, where finding a new beginning means facing the past…

After losing both her fiancé and the happy life she anticipated, Amish maedel Grace Coffman is still stitching the pieces of her life back together. But between working in a quilting shop with an unscrupulous Englisch boss and caring for her ill parents, her threads keep unraveling. At first, the arrival of a kind, attractive stranger feels like a coincidence. But the more Grace learns about Joel Beachy and his story, the more their meeting seems like providence…

Joel’s return to Bliss Valley—and the Plain people—is his last chance to redeem a life filled with missteps. Yet in Grace, Joel finds something he never imagined: trust, courage and even the possibility of hope. When Grace suddenly finds herself the guardian of her nephews, Joel sees an opportunity to keep two wayward boys from repeating his mistakes. But Joel’s dark past isn’t quite finished with him. And now he must pray that his new life is strong enough to withstand the pending storm of trouble…and secrets.

First let me say that although this is a return to Bliss Valley, it reads just fine as a standalone. I have not read the first two books in the series and had no trouble with this one. But I’m thinking I need to go back and read them to learn more about Bliss Valley, and to see if they’re as good as this one!

Author Jo Ann Brown writes a book that will keep you turning the pages, just to see what happens next. While this story has happy moments, it’s not a light hearted, fun story. There has been pain for both Grace and Joel, as well as Grace’s nephews. Yet Brown’s story is truly of redemption; the kind that God alone can give when we allow Him to work. With that comes hope and joy, which is written throughout this story keeping it from being overly heavy.

If you enjoy Amish fiction with some incredible surprises and life lessons, then I highly recommend A Search for Redemption.

I received a complimentary copy of this book but was not required to leave a review.

Doing Church As A Team by Wayne Cordeiro

When a Church Works Together, God Can Do Amazing Things

“To be a successful leader, and if you plan to have a successful ministry, you must develop not only your gifts, but more so, the gifts of those around you.” -Wayne Cordeiro 

Everyone is a great fit . . . somewhere, and God has strategically called and gifted each individual for a specific role and purpose. The twenty-first-century church must be a battleship, not a cruise ship, but that can only happen when everyone finds their place in ministry.

In Doing Church as a Team, Dr. Wayne Cordeiro shows you how to identify the hidden callings of the members in your church so that together you can accomplish anything God is asking you to do.

If you want to learn why team is important, and how to pull your team together, this is a good place to start. A “beginner’s” book that is a comfortable read, I would recommend it. Author Wayne Cordeiro uses many real life stories, along with scripture, to explain his thoughts. Each chapter ends with a Team Preparation that will make you think and define, or redefine, your team.

Now, especially, is a great time to consider your team and make any necessary adjustments. Give this book a read. You won’t be sorry.

I received a complimentary copy of this book but was not required to leave a review.

The Baby Barter and The Marriage Bargain by Patty Smith Hall and Angel Moore

A practical arrangement

The Baby Barter by Patty Smith Hall

Sheriff Mack Worthington isn’t sure army nurse Thea Miller—whose actions once hurt him badly—is committed to raising her late sister’s baby. And a judge may never approve a single-parent adoption for either of them. But what if they got married? It would be a marriage in name only. Could their pretend family become the real one they’ve both been longing for?

The Marriage Bargain by Angel Moore

Lily Warren’s new hat shop is her ticket to self-reliance. But when her landlord, Edward Stone, bursts into her rooms to rescue her from a fire, Lily’s reputation is tarnished. With an orphaned niece who needs a mother, Edward believes a marriage of convenience is the answer to his and Lily’s problems. Until he develops feelings for his new wife…

This book is a fun 2-in-1, both historical fiction but set in different time periods. I enjoyed both!

Authors Patty Smith Hall and Angel Moore did their research. I felt the historical details were on point, making the book more delightful. Add well developed characters, including some adorable children that I fell in love with, and I’d love to get to visit with all of them.

Life wasn’t easy in either time period but both authors wrote true to life stories with all the challenges that could be thrown at both Mack and Thea as well as Lily and Edward, and we watched them grow and overcome.

Two wonderful stories. If you like historical fiction I highly recommend them.

The Amish Farmer’s Proposal by Barbara Cameron

A sweet and heartwarming Amish romance where no disaster can conquer true love. 

Dairy farmer Abe Stoltzfus wants to propose to Lavinia Fisher, the beautiful young woman he’s been dating, but being a traditional Amish man, he worries about how he can provide for her. Farming can be uncertain enough with weather conditions, crops not doing well, all manner of uncertainties. And after a bad summer storm and a serious injury from a rooftop tumble, Abe wants to wait until both he and his farm are back on their feet.

Lavinia is relieved when Abe survives the fall, yet it seems like it’s only the start of events that threaten their future together. But Lavinia is not only a talented Amish crafter, she’s also the daughter of a farmer. She knows what the life of a farm wife is like and remains optimistic things will turn around. And when Abe continues to drag his feet, Lavinia makes him an interesting proposal. Will Abe be able to resist it—and her?

I enjoyed this book by Barbara Cameron. She writes a good story line with interesting, well developed characters. She also describes situations and places really well, putting the reader right in the middle of them.

Abe suffers not just physical pain, but mental and emotional. Lavinia is a determined maedel and won’t let him turn away. The Amish Farmer’s Proposal is faith-filled as it teaches about trusting God, leaning on Him and others for help. I highly recommend it!

Summer on Blackberry Beach by Belle Calhoune

A faux summer fling seemed like the perfect solution . . . until they start falling in love for real.

Teacher Stella Marshall’s summer break has just began, but the gossip is already sizzling: Luke Keegan’s back in town! Stella’s high school crush is all grown up and smolderingly sexy. She might even consider a fling with the former Navy SEAL, if she hadn’t already sworn off all romantic entanglements. But there isn’t a single thing she can do to stop the rumor mill whispering about her and Luke being together—unless . . .

A showmance! Luke never thought he’d propose a fake relationship, but it’s the only way to stop the runaway speculation about their love lives. Pretending to date a woman as stunning as Stella is easy. Not actually falling for her is the hard part. Luke isn’t sure he deserves a hometown happy ending, when members of his SEAL team never made it back at all. But there’s real attraction buzzing between him and Stella . . . and he knows she feels it too. Could their faux summer romance lead to true love?

Return to Mistletoe, Maine with author Belle Calhoune. Book two in the Mistletoe, Maine series can be read as a standalone, but do read book one, No Ordinary Christmas. They tie together nicely.

Summer on Blackberry Beach will put you in the mood for Summer and all the fun things that happen in that season; schools out, festivals, and clean summer romance. With well developed characters, you’ll enjoy the fake romance between two people who won’t fall in love. Or will they?

If you like contemporary fiction then I recommend this book!

I received a complimentary copy of this book but was not required to leave a review.

Amish Christmas Memories by Vannetta Chapman

All she wants for Christmas is her memories

When a young Amish woman collapses in the snow shortly before Christmas, Caleb Wittmer rushes to her aid. Only, “Rachel” remembers nothing of who she is. Now his family has taken in the pretty stranger, disrupting Caleb’s ordered world. He’s determined to find out where she belongs…even if Rachel’s departure means saying goodbye to his old-fashioned heart forever.

Such an interesting angle for an Amish story. A victim of amnesia shows us how the community comes together to take care of their own. I love that about the Amish life.

Author Vannetta Chapman is known for her heartwarming stories that have a depth to them, even if they are a quick read. Amish Christmas Memories is no different. We see the need for community, for family. Rachel and Caleb are well developed characters who I’d love to meet. God is woven throughout, as He works all things together for their good. I kept reading to see what would happen next as Rachel begins to remember. And how would serious Caleb handle the situation?

If you enjoy Amish stories I can always recommend a Chapman book.

I received a complimentary copy of this book but was not required to leave a review.

The Amish Midwife’s Hope by Barbara Cameron

A midwife and single father have a second chance at the family they’ve always dreamed of in this heartwarming Amish romance from award-winning author Barbara Cameron.

Widow Rebecca Zook adores her work delivering bopplin in her close-knit Amish community, but the young midwife secretly wonders if she’ll ever find love again or have a family of her own. When she meets handsome newcomer Samuel Miller, her connection with the widowed single father is immediate-Rebecca even bonds with his sweet little girl. It feels like a perfect match, yet Samuel seems hesitant . . .

In Paradise, Lancaster County, Samuel hoped to find the fresh start he and his dochder need . . . and perhaps a second chance for love. He never imagined he’d discover both so quickly and in one lovely, kind woman. But as Samuel falls for Rebecca, he worries that her job will only remind him of his past heartaches. Rebecca isn’t willing to sacrifice her beloved calling, but she is ready to embrace the future . . . if only Samuel can open his heart once more.

Author Barbara Cameron shows us what life could be like for an Amish midwife. I found it really interesting. Up at all hours, good things and bad things happen as in real life. It was realistically written. Yes, even the parts about having a cell phone. Not all communities are alike and some bishops allow them. The descriptions of settings were well done and made me want to go visit Lancaster County. 

Well developed characters Rebecca and Samuel were both dealing with loss but in different ways. One was running, the other helping others. Through it all, God was working in them as He does in all who follow Him. Add in an adorable girl and you have a really good story.

If you enjoy Amish fiction then I recommend The Amish Midwife’s Hope.

Long Way Home by Lynn Austin

In this gripping portrait of war and its aftermath from bestselling author Lynn Austin, a young woman searches for the truth her childhood friend won’t discuss after returning from World War II, revealing a story of courage, friendship, and faith.

Peggy Serrano couldn’t wait for her best friend to come home from the war. But the Jimmy Barnett who returns is much different from the Jimmy who left, changed so drastically by his experience as a medic in Europe that he can barely function. When he attempts the unthinkable, his parents check him into the VA hospital. Peggy determines to help the Barnetts unravel what might have happened to send their son over the edge. She starts by contacting Jimmy’s war buddies, trying to identify the mysterious woman in the photo they find in Jimmy’s belongings.

Seven years earlier, sensing the rising tide against her people, Gisela Wolff and her family flee Germany aboard the passenger ship St. Louis, bound for Havana, Cuba. Gisela meets Sam Shapiro on board and the two fall quickly in love. But the ship is denied safe harbor and sent back to Europe. Thus begins Gisela’s perilous journey of exile and survival, made possible only by the kindness and courage of a series of strangers she meets along the way, including one man who will change the course of her life.

Author Lynn Austin is well known in the Christian Fiction community. Her stories woven around WWII are spellbinding from beginning to end. Full of interesting details with incredible characters, Long Way Home is a must read for anyone who enjoys Christian Historical Fiction. Add in mystery and clean romance, and there’s something for everyone.

Please know that this is not a light, “read it quickly” story. You’ll be pulled into the life of Jewish exiles fleeing Germany and stuck aboard the St. Louis. Austin makes the reader feel the emotions of fear, hope, and fear again as nation after nation turns them away. Austin doesn’t skirt around the issues or the horror of that time, which is good; lest we never forget. But through it all is the hope that someone will help. That God will direct their lives. (Austin does include PTSD and depression in this story so please be aware of that but always with hope.)

If you enjoy Christian historical fiction that has depth and teaches the truth about the past, then please read Long Way Home.

I received a complimentary copy of this book but was not required to leave a review.

Purchase here

The Songs That Could Have Been by Amanda Wen

Two couples in love. Two sets of impossible circumstances. One powerful God of grace.

After a tailspin in her late teens, Lauren Anderson’s life is finally back on track. Her battle with bulimia is under control, her career is taking off, and she’s surrounded by a loving family. Then a chance meeting with Carter Douglas, her first love and the man who broke her heart, leads to old feelings returning with new strength. And suddenly her well-balanced world is thrown off kilter.

Now a TV meteorologist, Carter is determined to make amends with Lauren. After all, she still owns his heart. But the reasons they broke up aren’t lost–and those old demons are forcing him toward the same decision he faced in the past. He isn’t sure he’s courageous enough to make a different choice this time around.

When Lauren’s elderly grandmother, Rosie, begins having nightmares about a man named Ephraim–a name her family has never heard before–a fascinating and forbidden past love comes to light. As Lauren and Carter work to uncover the untold stories of Rosie’s past in 1950s Wichita, they embark on a journey of forgiveness and second chances that will change their lives–and Rosie’s–forever. Along the way they’ll learn that God wastes nothing, his timing is perfect, and nothing is beyond his grace and redemption.

The Songs That Could Have Been is full of the same deftly handled, resonant writing that readers and critics alike enjoyed in Amanda Wen’s first book in the series. Fans of Lisa Wingate and Rachel Hauck will add Amanda Wen to their must-read shelves.

Author Amanda Wen pens a novel that is rich with detail and emotion; it’s a must read for those who enjoy Christian historical fiction. Wen melds the past and present deftly as her characters learn to forgive and allow a second chance at love. I enjoyed seeing characters from Wen’s first book, Roots of Wood and Stone. However you can read The Songs That Could Have Been as a stand alone.

Dual timelines and dual love stories will keep you reading to figure out what’s going to happen next. And who is Ephraim? (You’ll have to read it to find out.) 

Wen does incorporate some challenging subjects such 1950s inter-racial dating, Alzheimer’s disease, and addiction into her story, but it’s done thoughtfully, not heavy. 

I received a complimentary copy of this book but was not required to leave a review.

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An Unlikely Alliance by Toni Shiloh

To save her animal shelter,

She’ll have to work with her biggest foe…

With her emotional support dog at her side, Jalissa Tucker will do whatever it takes to ensure the survival of the local animal rescue—even ally herself with her nemesis, firefighter Jeremy Rider. As working together dredges up old hurts, putting the past aside could be the key to their future joy. But can Jalissa resist falling for the man she’s always considered the enemy?

From Love Inspired: Uplifting stories of faith, forgiveness and hope.

K-9 Companions

Book 1: Their Unbreakable Bond by Deb Kastner

Book 2: Finding Her Way Back by Lisa Carter

Book 3: The Veteran’s Vow by Jill Lynn

Book 4: Her Easter Prayer by Lee Tobin McClain

Book 5: Earning Her Trust by Brenda Minton

Book 6: Guarding His Secret by Jill Kemerer

Book 7: An Unlikely Alliance by Toni Shiloh

Book 8: The Cowboy’s Journey Home by Linda Goodnight

Book 9: A Reason to Stay by Deb Kastner

Book 10: The Veteran’s Holiday Home by Lee Tobin McClain

I’ll admit that dog stories aren’t my favorite, but author Toni Shiloh made this more than a dog story. A story of yes, an emotional support dog, but also of a woman learning to deal with past fears and to walk in forgiveness. Both Jalissa and Jeremy are well written characters who made me feel as if I were a part of the story, cheering them on from the sidelines.

Shiloh’s story shows us that first impressions aren’t always right. And by setting aside preconceived ideas you may be pleasantly surprised by the actual person. A great story of second chances and God’s forgiveness, I highly recommend it if you enjoy contemporary fiction. And please read the first book, An Unlikely Proposal. It will make An Unlikely Alliance an even better reading experience.

I received a complimentary copy of this book but was not required to leave a review.

Her Cowboy Wedding Date by Cari Lynn Webb

Could this cowboy…

Be her wedding date?

Maid of honor Tess Palmer has two weeks to plan her cousin’s wedding. She will do anything to make the ceremony perfect…even if it means wrangling best man Carter Sloan’s help. The cynical cowboy would rather focus on his business than wedded bliss, and widowed Tess isn’t looking for a second chance at love. But could planning a trip down the aisle bring the two of them together?

USA TODAY Bestselling Author

From Harlequin Heartwarming: Wholesome stories of love, compassion and belonging.

Three Springs, Texas

Book 1: The Texas SEAL’s Surprise

Book 2: Trusting the Rancher with Christmas

Book 3: Her Cowboy Wedding Date

First, let me say that I haven’t read books one and two in the Three Springs, Texas series but I had no trouble following along with Her Cowboy Wedding Date. But I would guess that the first two books are well worth reading so I’m going to double back.

The storyline was really good and often had me on the edge of my seat. Two weeks to plan a beautiful wedding? Oh my goodness things moved fast. Well developed characters Tess and Carter made me smile a lot as they were at odds with each other. One is deeply romantic, the other practical to a fault. I would have loved to be on site to watch the fun. Chocolates and family were a fun combination.

Quirky characters set on a ranch in small Three Springs, Texas made this an enjoyable read that I can recommend to anyone who likes rural fiction with a clean romance.

I received a complimentary copy of this book but was not required to leave a review.

In the Shadow of His Wings by Roslynn Long

The Perfect Devotional for Nature Lovers

Over the years, as nature photographer Roslynn Long captured amazing moments outdoors with her camera, she felt God bringing verses and lessons to mind. Every bird is itself a testament to God’s creativity, but the lessons we learn from them go above and beyond mere admiration of nature. 

From traditional and reflective to humorous and playful, each of these 40 devotions consists of a biblically based reading, stunning bird photography, and an elegant interior design.  

Whether you love birds, admire nature, or are simply looking for an encouraging read, let this book bring a daily dose of peace, connection with the Lord, and enjoyment of nature into your home. 

This 40 day devotional has beautiful photos that the author took of birds in the wild. Each devotion is about two pages and is written with a specific bird in mind. Scripture pertaining to that devotion and a photo of the bird or birds are included for each day.

I found each day a peaceful read, and it had me noticing the birds around me more than usual. If you’re looking for a sweet devotional with beautiful photos then I recommend this one. (Releases July 19, 2022)

I received a complimentary copy of this book but was not required to leave a review.

Purchase here

The Amish Bachelor’s Choice by Jocelyn McClay

She had every reason to go…Until he gave her one to stay

After her father’s passing, Ruth Fisher is required to sell her family furniture business. She plans to leave the Amish community to pursue an Englisch education—until she meets the new owner. Malachi Schrock has ambitious plans for her father’s store, but when the transition sparks an unexpected attraction, could following her heart mean staying in Miller’s Creek forever?

Author Jocelyn McClay writes a heartwarming story with an odd twist. Ruth was planning to leave the Amish community, and she thought with her father’s blessing. He’s passed away and so her plans go forward. Or do they?

Well developed characters that you will really enjoy, Ruth and Malachi both have issues that need to be dealt with, as we all do, making them feel like real people. Ruth has desires for her life that she thinks aren’t compatible with Amish life. Malachi has the challenges of a new store owner. Can they learn to work together? To let God have control?

A good Amish fiction novel that I highly recommend.

I received a complimentary copy of this book but was not required to leave a review.

A Chance to Heal by Vannetta Chapman and Rebecca Kertz

Can they let go of the past?

The Baby Next Door by Vannetta Chapman

When Amish single mother Grace Troyer and her baby girl move back home, Adrian Schrock can’t resist the little family next door. But his plan to nudge Grace out of her shell by asking her to cook for Englischers on his farm tour doesn’t go over well. After all, Grace is worried the job will expose secrets she hopes to keep buried…

Loving Her Amish Neighbor by Rebecca Kertz

After her buggy’s damaged in an accident, pregnant widow Lucy Schwartz is reluctant to accept help from Gabriel Fisher. He tugs at her heart, and falling in love again is risky. But as her neighbor insists on pitching in while her buggy’s out of commission, keeping her distance from him could prove impossible. Because this wounded Amish bachelor might be just what she and her daughter need…

I thoroughly enjoyed both stories in this double book. While authors Vanetta Chapman and Rebecca Kertz have different writing styles, their stories work well together in one book.

Both books have wonderful story lines of Amish life; neighbors helping each other. Charming, yet at the same time realistic, isn’t this what we love about Amish stories. The sense of community makes me want to move. Or at least visit with any of these true to life characters. And when the stories include adorable children it’s just that much more enjoyable.

If you enjoy Amish fiction with clean romance and even some surprises, then I recommend this book

I received a complimentary copy of this book but was not required to leave a review.

Walking in Tall Weeds by Robin Pearson

Paulette and Fred Baldwin find themselves wading through a new season of life in Hickory Grove, North Carolina. Their only son, McKinley, now works hundreds of miles away, and the distance between the husband and wife feels even farther. When their son returns home, his visit dredges up even more conflict between Fred and Paulette.

McKinley makes it no secret that he doesn’t intend to follow in his father’s footsteps at George & Company Fine Furnishings or otherwise. Fred can’t quite bring himself to accept all his son’s choices, yet Paulette is determined McKinley will want for nothing, least of all a mother’s love and attention—which her own skin color cost her as a child. But all her striving leaves Fred on the outside looking in.

Paulette suspects McKinley and Fred are hiding something that could change the whole family. Soon, she’s facing a whirlwind she never saw coming, and the three of them must dig deep to confront the truth. Maybe then they’ll discover that their history is only skin-deep while their faith can take them right to the heart of things.

Author Robin Pearson continues to write novels rich in family history and drama. While we “watch” the family struggle to find their way back to each other, we are never left in doubt about their love for one another. Pearson, while not afraid to confront racism that goes both ways, shows us that family is just that. Family.

This book contains a lot of tension due to the subject so don’t expect to laugh or relax while reading it. While there are moments of humor, it is often more irony than anything. But it is authentic and will have you reflecting on your life. And there is hope. Always hope.

If you enjoy contemporary fiction that we can all relate to, then I highly recommend Walking in Tall Weeds. (Releases July 19, 2022)

I received a complimentary copy of this book but was not required to leave a review.

Purchase here

The Heart of the Mountains by Pepper Basham

To escape a forced marriage, Cora Taylor travels from England to the Blue Ridge Mountains in search of her brother, who is working as a teacher in a mission school. She hopes to find a place where her nursing skills and independent ideas will be accepted and appreciated, but nothing prepares her for the wild mixture of isolation, community, brokenness, and hope within these mountains…or in the person of Jeb McAdams.

Can their hearts overcome the darkness of the mountains?

Returning from the devastation of World War 1 emotionally damaged, Jeb McAdams struggles against the rampant mountain alcoholism to soothe his nightmares. It’s easy to hide within the mountains, or it was, before Cora Taylor arrived. Now, she seems to show up at every turn, bringing her modern ideas, curiosity, and beautiful eyes with her.

Bound by their shared war history, the pair develop an unlikely friendship, which unexpectedly hints to something more. But when Cora’s desire to help the women of the mountains crosses an unspoken line, will Jeb be able to protect this feisty flatlander from the wrath of the mountain men or will he end up losing much more than his heart? 

The sequel to My Heart Belongs in the Blue Ridge; Laurel’s Dream, The Heart of the Mountains can be read as a stand alone, but I highly recommend book one as it will make book two much richer.

Author Pepper Basham writes a story that shows us the challenges of living in the Blue Ridge mountains, post WWI. The neglect and poverty are so sad but the fact that people find joy in the little things, not in accumulating stuff, will make you think. Wild and beautifully described, I’d love to visit. 

Well developed characters draw you into the story as you watch Cora adjust to life in the mountains with the help of Jeb, who doesn’t want to help her, yet is compelled to. Both have a good sense of humor and are driven to help others, making them a joy to read about. The secondary characters are heart warming and I found myself pulling for them, especially Sam. And of course it wouldn’t be a Basham book without a sweet romance.

With God’s love and grace beautifully woven throughout, this is a wonderful story for anyone who enjoys historical inspirational fiction. 

I received a complimentary copy of this book but was not required to leave a review.

Purchase here

The Warmth of Sunshine by Kelly Irvin

Abigail’s Amish life has always followed a certain path . . . until an Englisch woman disrupts all she’s known to be true.

Growing up Amish, Abigail Bontrager often felt like a square peg in a round hole. Her pie crusts always turned out tough. Her stitches always ran crooked. She was clumsy. Not ideal for an aspiring Amish wife and mother, but her faith and love of her family, which are so much more important, are solid. Plus, her relationship with the attractive and kindhearted Owen Kurtz is moving in the right direction.

Owen is part dreamer, part entrepreneur. His friendship with Abigail has gradually blossomed into a sweet and loving courtship. Inspired by the hope of a future with the girl of his dreams, he decides to take the next step in building a business of his own—in the promising new industry of growing sunflowers.

When an outsider claiming to be Abigail’s birth mother abruptly enters her life, Abigail’s world comes crashing down. Confused and upset, she is determined to discover who she really is. Her journey of discovery leads to the possibilities of a new life waiting for her in the Englisch world. But is this new life really worth giving up everything and everyone she’s known? How can Abigail and Owen follow their hearts—and God’s plan—when these new paths now lead them into the unknown?

Such well written characters. I felt so bad for Abigail, who just couldn’t seem to do anything right, by Amish standards. (I could kind of relate to her. My pie crust isn’t always flaky) But she’s left wondering why she’s not so “amish.” And Owen is so sweet. He’ll do anything for her. I loved both of them.

I was surprised by the turn things took with the woman claiming to be Abigail’s mother. Heather was the exact opposite of Abigail’s maam and yet both loved her. Irvin wrote this in a very unique way and certainly held my attention; I kept reading to see what would happen. There are certainly lessons to be learned about telling the truth and keeping secrets. 

If you enjoy Amish fiction with sweet romance and unexpected twists, then I highly recommend The Warmth of Sunshine.

I received a complimentary copy of this book but was not required to leave a review.

An Amish Marriage of Convenience by Rachel Good

When widower Stephen Lapp moves his five children from New York State to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, his only plan is to buy his family’s farm stand, Lapp’s Pastured Pork. That way, his brother can move closer to his fiancée and open his own stand. But on Stephen’s first trip to the market, his brave act of kindness nearly ends in catastrophe—until strong-willed Nettie Hartzler saves him—and makes an impression he can’t forget . . .

A widow with private heartaches of her own, Nettie has no interest in getting involved with any man, though she doesn’t discourage their respective children’s new friendships—despite Stephen’s contentious oldest daughter. But when Nettie runs into serious money worries and Stephen proposes a marriage of convenience, she’s distressed and conflicted. She’s come to know Stephen’s gentle heart and generous soul, and she can’t believe he’ll want her if she reveals the sins of her past. God has His own plans for the faithful, however, and this time they may include a second chance at love . . .

In any book by author Rachel Good you will learn something new about the Amish community. I won’t give any spoilers but I found this one very interesting.

Well developed characters will pull you into the story. Stephen and Nettie are both misunderstood in their own way and I really wanted to see both of them grow and succeed. Both needed to walk through healing from the past, as did Stephen’s oldest daughter, who made life challenging for many people. Through it all are threads of God’s love and forgiveness, with many lessons we can learn as we read the story.

If you enjoy Amish stories with clean romance and unexpected twists, then I highly recommend An Amish Marriage of Convenience. (Releases August 23, 222)

I received a complimentary copy of this book but was not required to leave a review.

On the Way to Christmas by Sheila Roberts, Melissa Ferguson, Amy Clipston

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, anything can happen.

In this glittering and heartwarming collection, three of today’s bestselling sweet romance novelists offer up the gift of cheer for the winter holiday season.

A Christmas Do-Over by Sheila Roberts

Darby doesn’t want to go home for the holidays, but a career fail sends her slinking back to the small town she always wanted to escape. No one there is especially glad to see the former mean girl—especially not her sister, Erica, or childhood best friend, Gregory. Darby is working hard to be a better person, but has she eaten enough humble pie to make amends?

Dashing Through the Snow by Melissa Ferguson

When Willow’s boyfriend of seven years dumps her on the eve of a romantic getaway, she decides to take the two-week train trip on The Christmas Express alone. Hurt as she feels, she can’t anticipate how the hilarious rebound ride with conductor Oliver, elf Ian, and aging world adventurer Clarence will heal her heart—and renew her sense of worth.

A Perfectly Splendid Christmas by Amy Clipston

Kacey adores the metropolitan life, but when she gets away to help her sister during a family crisis and run her bakery, she falls in love with former classmate Drew. The problem: he’s a small-town man, and she’s a big-city woman. Is their love big enough to overcome such a major difference?

Curl up with your favorite holiday drink and sink into three worlds where dreams once thought long-gone are still within reach.

All three stories will get you in the mood for Christmas, yet each is very different from the other. 

We meet a mean girl reformed in A Christmas Do-Over. Or is she? Dashing Through the Snow is a whimsical story that will make you believe in second chances and Christmas joy. And in A Perfectly Splendid Christmas we see a big city girl and a hometown boy, and we wonder if they can get over this hurdle.

Grab a copy, sit and enjoy with a mug of hot chocolate while the snow swirls outside. (Releases October 11, 2022)

I received a complimentary copy of this book but was not required to leave a review.

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