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Anderson-Swift-194x300Book:  Swift

Author: RJ Anderson

Genre:  Christian Fantasy

Release Date: August 18, 2020

To save her people, a wingless girl must learn to fly.

As a piskey girl born without wings and raised underground, Ivy yearns for flight almost as much as she misses her long-lost mother. But the world outside the Delve is full of danger, and her dreams seem hopeless until she meets a mysterious faery who makes her an enticing offer: If Ivy helps him escape the Delve’s dungeon, he’ll teach her how to fly.

Freeing Richard could cost Ivy her reputation, perhaps even her life. But when her fellow piskeys start to disappear and her beloved little sister goes missing, Ivy has no choice but to take the risk.

Deadly threats and shocking revelations await Ivy as she ventures into a strange new world, uncovers long-buried secrets about her family’s past, and finds that no one—not even herself—is entirely what they seem.

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My Review

I don’t read a lot of YA or Fantasy, but I have children in my life who do, so I thought I’d give this one a try as the story sounded intriguing. I will say that I know my grandkids will enjoy this one. Author R.J. Anderson has done a good job with the mystery along with the fantasy.

Anderson writes about disabilities and prejudices in such a way that the reader will be challenged. I really appreciated that aspect. There was quite a bit about magic, of course, but also blood based magic that others have compared to the Narnia series. There is also a mention of a teen drinking alcohol. Just be aware of those things when considering purchasing the book.

All in all a clean, no romance, YA book that your teen may enjoy.

I received a complimentary copy of this book but was not required to leave a review.


About the Author

Born in Uganda to missionary parents, R.J. (Rebecca Joan) Anderson is a women’s Anderson-2876lowresBible teacher, a wife and mother of three, and a bestselling fantasy author for older children and teens. Her debut novel Knife has sold more than 120,000 copies worldwide, while her other books have been shortlisted for the Nebula Award, the Christy Award, and the Sunburst Award for Excellence in Canadian Science Fiction. Rebecca lives with her family in Stratford, Ontario, Canada.


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What would you give to feel safe? If you could hide from all life’s dangers and anyone who might harm you, and spend your whole life in a beautiful, comfortable home surrounded by friends, family and all the necessities of life, would you?

That’s the kind of place that Ivy, the teenaged heroine of Swift, has grown up in — a glittering underground complex called the Delve, where safety and protection are paramount, and young girls especially are warned not to take foolish risks. Like climbing the wall of the Great Shaft that leads to the surface, for instance. Or going outside for any reason, except for two special nights of the year. In the world of modern-day Cornwall, the converted tin mine where Ivy and her fellow piskeys live is their only refuge from scheming faeries, greedy humans, and their deadliest enemies of all, the spriggans. And since Ivy’s mother was stolen by the spriggans six years ago, Ivy knows all too well how dangerous the outside world can be.

But as Ivy discovers when she stumbles on a mysterious Shakespeare-quoting prisoner in her people’s dungeon, safety isn’t everything. If “Richard” is telling the truth about what happened to Ivy’s long-lost mother, there may be more going on in the Delve — and outside it — than Ivy ever guessed. How far will she go to find the truth?

When I first started writing Swift, one of the ideas I wanted to explore was how much our prejudices and false perceptions limit us. Ivy’s been taught to fear everything and everyone outside the Delve, and that her poor health and lack of wings means she will never be worthy or whole. But when she starts to ask questions and search for answers, Ivy discovers that much of what she’s always believed is a lie.

What I didn’t realize until I’d finished writing the whole Flight and Flame trilogy is that in many ways, Ivy’s story parallels that of Moses in the book of Exodus. Like Moses when God first called him, Ivy doesn’t think she has anything to offer her people, or any chance of convincing the stern, suspicious piskey queen to set them free. But when Ivy learns to look beyond her fears and self-doubts and step out in faith — even if she’s not sure yet what it means or where it will lead her — extraordinary things happen and her world begins to change.

We all crave safety and security. But if we refuse to step outside our comfort zones or ever question our prejudices, our lives and hearts will stagnate. It’s only when we open ourselves up to truth and act on it, even if it’s hard or unpopular to do so, that we can truly soar.

I’ve loved writing Ivy’s story. I hope you’ll love reading it, too.

— R.J. Anderson (

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Can two lonely people find more than a fleeting friendship or will a prejudiced town keep them apart?

When Ivory Bledsoe left the city to minister to the people of the rural mountain town of Willow Hollow, she never expected to be shunned rather than welcomed. Seeing the town as a lost cause, she’s eager to return home, but when the bridge leading out of town is washed away during a flood, she finds herself stranded in the last place she wants to be.

Ben Thrasher was content with his quiet life until he met the new librarian. He can’t help but be drawn to the friendly and lively Ivory Bledsoe, despite her being at the center of the town’s latest superstition. It’s only a matter of time until she captures his heart, turning his world upside down in the process.

Has Ivory gotten God’s plan for her all wrong or is there still a way she can serve these people? And can Ben ask her to stay in a place where so few are willing to embrace her?

My review

Author A.M. Heath writes a great story about books, horseback librarians, romance, and peril. Something for everyone!

The characters in Hearts on Lonely Mountain are well developed. They fairly leap off the page at you in a way that makes them seem real. The descriptions of the area and events were also realistic, which greatly added to the enjoyment of the story.

Heath is a wonderful storyteller, and if you enjoy historical Christian fiction then you’ll want to read this.

I received a complimentary copy of this book but was not required to leave a review.

About the author

Besides being an Indie Author, I’m a wife, mother of four, Sunday School teacher,AMHeath sweet tea drinker, history fanatic, romantic, bubbly, lover of broccoli, and a retired cake decorator who has a soft spot for Christmas trees, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. What I’m not is a laundress (or at least not one who keeps up very well), a duster, tall, or patient in a doctor’s office.

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I’m so excited to offer this tote from ParLaGrace. Be sure to visit her Esty page and enter the giveaway.

Would you like a bit more? I interviewed Gerrit Callon from Hearts on Lonely Mountain. I think you’ll enjoy getting to know him better! Gerrit quickly became a fan favorite. He’s Ivory’s first friend in Willow Hollow and Ben’s 5-year-old nephew.

Okay Gerrit, what is your favorite food?

Aw, shoot, I don’t rightly know. I’m still testing all there is out there. Maybe I can tell ya when I’m ten or something, but a fella’s gotta have enough time to eat up all kinds of stuff before he goes deciding a thing like that.

What is your favorite story?

Miss Ivory reads me them Pooh books all the time. They make me laugh something fierce.

What is your favorite activity?

Pettin’ animals. Chickens, cows, goats, coons, lizards, snakes, cats, dogs … Petted me a fish once by accident. He didn’t like it none, though, and swam off afore I could do it again.

How would you describe your Uncle Ben?

Strong and steady, that a big old oak tree. You don’t have to wonder at iffen he’ll be there, cause he always is. Even afore my folks passed on, Unc would be there afore I could even holler for him. Folks, who be knowing him, knows that they just hafta ask and he’ll be there.

What is your favorite game to play?

Gee, I hardly know. That’s like asking a person which toe is the best. They’re all right good. Playin’ is playin’, I reckon.

Thanks for talking with me, Gerrit. Now you can go play!

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