Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time mamas used to bronze a pair of their children’s baby shoes. It was a way to remember those babies once they were grown and had babies of their own. Yes, once upon a time my babies were that little. It seems so long ago. Yet wasn’t it only yesterday those little feet were running through the house in search of me? In search of Daddy? We were their comfort and security. Once upon a time.

With the Christmas season soon to be upon us, I was thinking about Luke 2:19 which tells us, “But Mary treasured up all these things, pondering them in her heart.” She was pondering the things that the angels had spoken to the shepherds. Wonderful things. Frightening things. Things of great joy! 

But I wonder if Mary pondered other things? Did she ponder the day Jesus would begin to walk? I’m pretty sure she didn’t bronze His sandals, but maybe one day after He was grown, she came upon a pair he had worn as a toddler and she remembered. Once upon a time.

When she looked upon her son as He hung on the cross, she saw the face of her Savior. But she also saw the face of her son. Did she remember the times he would search the house for her, his security? Did she think about the times she stroked those cheeks, now stained with blood? Once upon a time.

Yes, the picture below shows shoes on a Fall background. Definitely not a Christmas picture. But as I enter the Autumn of my life I’m remembering those two little ones who are now parents. And I wonder, when Winter is here, will I remember, once upon a time?

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4 Responses to Once Upon a Time

  1. Debra Whelan says:

    That is beautiful Vicky!


  2. Such beautiful and heartfelt thoughts, Vicky. Thank you for sharing. xo


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